San Francisco is a beautiful, modern city that has all sorts of beautiful views to offer the many travellers journeying throughout its streets.  How better to see these amazing sights than to stay in a high quality, up-close and personal hotel that has all sorts of historical significance? The Fairmont San Francisco Hotel offers its guests an opportunity to be a part of the history of San Francisco by sharing all of the history of this beautiful place. Guests can feel excited that they are sleeping in the same spaces as would have slept U.S. Presidents, and all sorts of sports, theatre and movie stars.  It is a way for guests to continue their exciting adventure of this beautiful city after they’re returned to their hotel for the night.

Opening in 1907, the Fairmont San Francisco hotel has the unique combination of beautiful and classic architecture of the original building with all of the modern necessities that you will need during your stay.The Fairmont San Francisco hotel invites both vacationers to stay in their luxurious rooms as well as business travellers that may need the hotel for business purposes or just a place to stay the night. Whatever your need, the workers at Fairmont San Francisco are dedicated to bring it to you. This building became part of the list of the National Register of Historic Places in April of 2002 and has been the backdrop in movies such as The Rock. Whether you come for the historical significance or the glamorous Hollywood experience, this is the right place for you.

The Fairmont San Francisco hotel is conveniently located close to the downtown centre and, as a result, offers stunning views from all windows of their location. There are city street views in which guests can watch the hustle and bustle from above, or the more classic view of the Golden Gate Bridge, the iconic image of the beautiful San Francisco. Whatever your need or desire in regards to scenery, this hotel is bound to have the option.

In terms of convenience and necessity, The Fairmont San Francisco has an advantage over the Fairmont Ghirardelli Square Hotel, as beautiful as it is, simply because it offers corporate worker the chance to have all of their business needs taken care of, whereas the Ghirardelli only offers their luxuries to vacationers or tourists.  For this reason, The Fairmont always has quite a few guests that are travelling for business, not pleasure.

There are a variety of rooms available and are broken down into two (typical) categories, guest rooms, and suites.  The guest rooms are all gorgeous and tastefully decorated with rich colours that are sure to make you feel like the important guest of honour that you are.  All of the Fairmont rooms have high quality sheets and linens that will make you want to move in, and the spotless bathrooms all are equipped with a beautiful marble bathtub that is sure to have you soaking for as long as your body can stand.  One of the beautiful rooms, the Deluxe Room, is full of classic amenities such as the Keurig coffee maker and all of the other offerings, however, this room is special in the fact that it is in the tower portion of the hotel, which was an addition that houses some of the most modern and high quality rooms. In addition to all of the newest technologies that are sure to make your stay comfortable, the Deluxe and Signature Rooms have an absolutely breathtaking view of the skyline.  This is an absolutely perfect room for the loner that just wants to look out at the city every night, or for the couple that wants to stay in and enjoy their stay with a beautiful view outside their window.


All of the available rooms in the suites section are even more decadent and breath-taking, such as the Main Building Balcony Suite, which is a beauty of a room that offers top of the line appliances and necessities as well as all sorts of fancy things.  The room itself is massive and provides guests with a beautiful balcony that spans from the bedroom to the living room area and is ready for all your needs with a beautiful set of patio furniture.  The Balcony Suite would be ideal for parents with kids, so they have a large place to run around in. The sofa bed is a double so that the kids can sleep in comfort out in the living area, and give the parents some privacy in their doored off bedroom.

The Fairmont San Francisco also has two excellent restaurants that are sure to satisfy your taste buds. One of them, The Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar, is famous for its unique and delicious cocktail hour that brings their guests into a tropical environment with special effects that will make you believe you really have been whisked away into a tropical world in the middle of a thunderstorm or hurricane.  This exciting and once-in-a-lifetime experience is certainly not to be missed, and is exclusive to The Fairmont San Francisco.  The other excellent restaurant to treat your taste buds at is the Laurel Court Restaurant and Bar which is home to delicious, local cuisine and some of the best chefs around.  It is sure to give the entire family a meal of their lives and is complete with excellent and entertaining service.  The best part about eating at any of these locations is that you don’t have to travel far to get back to your room!  A great option for the little ones that just can’t keep their eyes open.


The Fairmont San Francisco offers some great package deals that will make you want to hop on a plane right away and take advantage of them.  Some examples are the Fairmont Family Package in which the whole family can enjoy a beautiful room for the amount of nights of their choice as well as get a daily breakfast.  This is a great option for those with kids, as it is one less hassle for the frazzled parents to worry about.  Another amazing package that is sure to get your excited about your stay in beautiful San Francisco is the Love Is In the Air Package which gives those lovers a place to stay for a night (in a gorgeous room) with breakfast in bed.  What pair wouldn’t love something as wonderful as that?  Perfect for a getaway from the real world for a night or two, both of these packages are available year-round and are well within the price range of those who are looking for vacation in San Francisco.As if all of the features listed weren’t enough, the Fairmont hotel also has a spa that is available for guests so that those who wish to take advantage of the healing powers of a massage or a jacuzzi can do so in the convenience of their own hotel.  This is an encouraged and popular choice among stressed out moms that just need a moment to themselves, or the businessman or woman that just has had a hard day and needs to unwind.  Whatever your need, the spa can deliver.

The only downfall in this beautiful hotel is that it is pricey for the family on the budget, or for a corporate man that has to either pay his own way, or live on a budget from the company.  The cheapest room in this historical location is $500 USD per night.

Lastly, there are multiples things to do within the hotel that are sure to entertain the vacationer or businessman alike.  Some stores that are available right in the lobby are Christine Foley Knitwear (a sure stop for those looking to bring gifts home), Kashmir, The Logo Stop, Vendetta, W.H. Smith Gift Shop, and more.  Whether you are there to shop or have an adventure, all of these places are a must for getting those special things to bring back home.

If you are new to the city, a stay in The Fairmont San Francisco is a definite must, as it offers much for the unexperienced traveller.  With all of its modern amenities and beautiful decor, you will feel as though you are the guest of honour in the elegant room.  If you are a family, there is room for everyone, or if you are just travelling with a partner, there is the privacy and intimacy that you’ll be looking for.  All of the staff are highly trained and dedicated to making your experience the best it can, so consider this an option for your next trip to San Francisco, and become part of history.


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